The Birth of Paige Said So

Paige Said So was a thought planted in the brain of Erica Page at the young age of four years old. Erica grew up in Northern California loving fashion and all it had to offer. As a young girl, Erica’s first red carpet moment was dressing herself in the middle of the night with five layers of clothing preparing herself to always be “camera ready” even if it was just to go to school. Fast forward 20 years and Erica is now living her dream through Paige Said So. As a graduate of FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Erica aspired to have her own boutique as she identifies with the trends women are looking for. Her extensive background in the retail industry working for the likes of Lauren Conrad, Christian Audigier, Project Ethos and Michael Kors, have helped to make this dream become a reality.

Our Mission

The mission of Paige Said So is to empower women and exude confidence through chic and sophisticated fashion trends while embracing every “red carpet” moment in life. Paige Said So provides our clients with an array of feminine staple pieces and accessories to fit your fashionista within. Whether you are on the go, at your desk or within the comfort of your home, Paige Said So is here for you 24/7. Our goal is to bring fashion to the streets, making it accessible to all fashionista’s no matter where they are. With your personal stylistic needs in mind, Paige Said So will always bring the latest in fashion trends and preseason items to your front door.

Kisses & Champagne Wishes,

Erica Page xx